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Monique Duray - Yoga

monique duray

Monique Duray has been practicing and teaching yoga for 22 years. She uses the movement and breath of a yoga practice to settle the mind and body into creative readiness. She dabbles in a variety of arts, including photography, theater, and fibers. She served on the board of Warroad Summer Theater for several years, serving as vice president and grant writer. Her onstage acting credits include Grace Farrell (Annie), Rosie Alvarez (Bye Bye Birdie), Mavis Gilmerson (Church Basement Ladies), and Mary Poppins (Mary Poppins) and behind the scenes as a set designer, costume manager, and director. Monique currently spends the majority of her creative time on writing projects, the most recent of which is a cozy mystery set in a small Minnesota town featuring a yoga-teaching heroine.

yoga for writers

Friday’s session will be an energizing practice, to set a positive tone for the day. 

Saturday’s session will focus on preparing for and then recovering from the hard work of writing.