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Business Communication Consulting

best methods

There are so many different ways to get your message out into the world – how do you know which method is the best for you?

Red Shoes consulting walks you through an assessment that helps you identify and articulate your message, consider your audience, and identify ways to reach that audience most effectively.  I work with clients to create verbiage for communication materials such as business plans, websites, social media, newsletters, presentations, speeches, promotional materials, one-sheets. Includes coaching and editing.

I work with clients to create verbiage with them – not for them. Through coaching and exercises, I help you excavate and create the language you need to best express your message. Then we give that drafted verbiage some initial structure and start shaping and refining it together. This takes pressure off you to write all by yourself, while also keeping you in the driver’s seat with enough objectivity to use your own editor’s eye.

let’s get started packages.

Schedule a complimentary consultation with me, and I’ll help you figure out what you and your writing project need most.

“Kim is an organized and detailed professional writer.  She asked the questions and looked for details to help give our grant application the edge it needed to be successful.”