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Book Coaching

Publishers focus on production.

book coaches focus on process.

(editors are in between.)

Book coaching pairs the art of cheerleading with editorial know-how while you write your manuscript. As opposed to editors, who work with writers after they have completed a draft of a manuscript, book coaches work with writers before they start writing and/or while they are writing. Book coaches bring a host of technical skills, including editing, as well as an understanding of story and how to engage readers, an understanding of the publishing industry, and project management with lots of encouragement and compassion.

Coaching is great for people looking for accountability, a timeline, and lots of support during the writing of the book.

I am an Author Accelerator certified book coach for fiction. I read broadly (across genres) and am happy to hear about any book project, however, I tend to gravitate toward women’s, upmarket, book club fiction. I love stories that celebrate/explore empowerment!

Sprint Coaching Session— Send 5 pages or 1,000 words for a fast and furious coaching session. Includes next step suggestions.

Self-Publishing Assessment & Consultation — Define your scope and understand which publishing route is the best for you. 

  • Crash course of publishing options available on the market
  • Walk you through an assessment to help you determine how much time and money you are willing to invest in your book project
  • Customized report including a summary, recommendations, next steps, and additional resources

Bootcamp Book Coaching—Receive 4 sessions of hard-core coaching to jump start your writing project.

  • Identify goals and create a plan and timeline
  • Accountability – send pages on the “due date”
  • Weekly progress check-ins
  • Feedback on pages submitted in a coaching call
  • Craft lessons and resources as needed
  • Customized report including “next steps”

“Kim Hruba worked with me on my latest book and I can only say that the results were amazing. She took what I had written and made it something I was proud to publish. She is caring and thorough. And it was a collaboration. She made suggestions and asked ‘why’ many times to help me flesh out what I was trying to say.  She also has a great sense of humour which made working with her even more fun.”