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Elisa Korenne - Memoir, Singer/Songwriter

Elisa Korenne

Elisa Korenne is an award-winning songwriter, writer, and performer. Elisa left New York City in 2006 to be an artist-in-residence in rural west-central Minnesota and stayed. She found her groove creating original songs and thematic live shows about oddballs in history. Since turning Minnesotan, Korenne has become known as a pioneering rural artist. Gull Lake TEDx chose Korenne to be a featured speaker. Prairie Public Television in Fargo, North Dakota commissioned her to create songs and appear in a series of ten mini-music documentaries of unusual people and events in the Upper Midwest. Subjects include controversial politico A.C. Townley, health-insurance saleswoman Sister “Lumberjack” Amata Mackett, and Mail Order Bride Rachel Calof.

She began her music career in 2001 after leaving the international development nonprofit she cofounded, Geekcorps–an alternate Peace Corps for technology professionals building businesses in developing countries. Elisa wrote a memoir, Hundred Miles to Nowhere: An Unlikely Love Story, about her move from New York City to rural Minnesota. More information can be found at


Did your great uncle collect matchbooks? Was your cousin’s brother’s a lumberjack-turned-Vaudeville star?  Is your mother “unusual?” Create better characters in your writing by using elements of the most engaging people you know. Bring your pen and notebook and join writer, songwriter, and storyteller, Elisa Korenne, in transforming your anecdotes into engaging stories.