Lisa Johnston never thought that she’d have to see her high-school nemesis again. Ever.

It’s not like she never thought about running into Jake Hanson, but those fantasies usually involved her running to catch a plane with a golf-pro hubby or meeting up with Oprah to save the children in Africa. But definitely not in an elevator on the way to work.

She’s willing to pass it off as minor coincidence until Jake is assigned to work with her foundation’s park project—Lisa’s park project. Nevertheless, she’s determined not to let Jake undermine how far she’s come in ten years. But his apparent attraction toward her is as bothersome as it is puzzling. Then she realizes . . . Jake has no clue who she is.

“Elevator Girl is a savvy and sensitive look at relationships in our complex, modern world.  An enjoyable chronicle filled with moments both torturous and tender, it’s sure to strike familiar chords in anyone who’s tried to navigate the stormy sea of love.  Fans of Bridget Jones’s Diary or the works of Sophie Kinsella will be well pleased with this gem from debut author Kim Hruba.”  – William Kent Krueger, New York Times bestselling author of Ordinary Grace


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